Design Process

  1. Visit or call our showroom to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home.
  2. Conceptual Design - At your meeting, we will assess goals, needs and budget considerations so we can begin to develop your conceptual design.
  3. Schematic Design - We will devise a preliminary design based on our onsite meeting and client requests enabling us to prepare an initial Project Proposal Estimate. Once a decision is made to move forward with the design and remodeling process, a design deposit is required.
  4. Design Development - Phase I - Our design team assists in formulating a final design, securing needed dimensions, materials, products, etc. enabling a more accurate bid.
  5. Design Development - Phase II - Schedule a final design meeting at our showroom in which we review the design, material and product selections, etc., and make any requested adjustments.
  6. Construction Project Initiation-Sign a Remodeling & Design Construction Agreement, and verify scheduling for your project.