The True Definition of Good Interior Design

Do you know the true definition of interior design? Do you know that well designed spaces consider the people utilizing the space first and aesthetics second? A well designed interior space “enhances the quality of life,” within that space. The functionality of space must be considered, and that use drives the aesthetics of the space. Good designers thoroughly interview their clients, discuss their needs, and analyze spaces as well as options in the spaces that will work for their clients. Interior design really involves critical thinking. The goal is to create functional solutions that are also aesthetically pleasing to the clients. Note the key words “to the client.” Interior designers provide a customized experience. They guide clients on a journey that links them to the best solution for their space. Interior spaces need to be comfortable and “feel good” to those using the space. Of course, the space must be aesthetically pleasing, but if it does not function for its occupants-why bother with aesthetics!